Sunday, 5 August 2012

The flame’s the same

When you want some useful background information talk to an 8 year old.
As we were waiting for the Olympic torch to arrive I wondered out loud
"How do they make sure the torch stays bright and sparkling after each of part of the relay?"
A child standing next to me said

"It’s a different torch for each person – the flame is the same. Everyone can then take the torch home and it is proof they’ve done it."
"Do they need proof?" I asked

"Yes because some people thought it was only for famous people and it’s not."

She had summed up the vision that the torch and its flame - carried by 8,000 people - had come to symbolise.

It was 7 o’clock in the morning and we were waiting in Camley Street Natural Park right next to the Regents Canal at Kings Cross.

The reserve is a hidden treasure between two railway stations and the canal  - a peaceful haven minutes away from the Eurostar terminal at St Pancras. Here you can see rare earthstar fungi, reed warblers, kingfishers, geese, mallards, and bats. The centre was built by volunteers and is part of the London Wildlife Trust’s network of centres and activity.
London Wildlife Trust

As Paris Walker arrived there were cheers – she had been put forward in recognition of her commitment to her local running club.

With great poise she took the torch on board the barge the Pirate Prince from the Pirate Castle club at Camden Lock. 

The barge set off for Kings Cross with stately grace – carrying the flame which was to light the Olympic cauldron. In front three kayaks were rowed solemnly by young people as the water on their oars caught the early morning sun.

Could they be medal winners one day?

When Prometheus stole fire from Zeus he didn’t know what he had started.

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